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Recommendations of Chocolate Products Including Discount!

We are getting to that time where we find ourselves baking nearly everyday and find out that there is always a new recipe to try out and taste. Over the past couple of weeks, I myself have been baking a few things for recipe development and also just to snack on and have been using some amazing quality ingredients from a company called Cocoa Runners.

They supply an array of products on the website from small batch Artisan chocolate bars, cooking chocolate, to chocolate subscriptions and virtual tasting kits. A few products which I've used for my baking sessions are cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, a 63% dark chocolate and a 44% milk chocolate.

The chocolate is made by a company called Menakao and is made and also sourced from Madagascar. They are actually one of a few chocolate makers who craft chocolate in the very country in which it sources its cacao from. All added ingredients, such as vanilla, cane sugar and fleur de sel are sourced from Madagascar. Through the implementation of organic farming and the abandonment of chemicals and pesticides, many plantations from which Menakao source its ingredients from are considered to be 100% bio-positive.

Below I have put some links where you can buy these amazing products and if you use the discount code DomHutchings10, you will get 10% off these ingredients!



Milk -

Dark -

Unsweetened -

Nibs -

Make Your Own Chocolate Bar Gift

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